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post-its worldwide so far
Body-positive post-it notes as submitted so far. Keep 'em coming, folks!

Here are the post-it submissions we've received so far.
We'll be updating the map with orange dots to show all the cities across the world that get post-ited.

Podaj dalej / Pass Along - "Following the example of the impressive Sharon Hodgson's initiative We Bite Back, we have decided to start a similar action in Poland. We are the team of enthusiastic people from all over the country who are ready to run this non-profit site to promote self-acceptance and positive attitudes towards ourselves no matter what size we are. Our beauty comes from the inside and recognizing how we can contribute to the world and to ourselves is much more important than a 'perfect' outfit. We are like messengers of the good news. "Smile. This day belongs to you.", wrote Martyna."Love yourself as you are here and now", put Perfidia. Some of us are specialists on psychiatry and psychological support, some others are girls and women who have experienced how difficult it is to go through hell of anorexia and bulimia. Apart from promoting and publishing the Post-It messages [inspired by WBB's Orange Revolution] intend to write the series of articles to criticize the consumptionist tendency to base our lives on marketing-aimed sick campaign glorifying skinny models and the need for becoming more and more 'perfect'. We also want to publish the texts on healthy self-acceptance."

"I found and joined we bite back only yesterday but I felt extremely inspired and great about this project so I did a lot of post its and posted them all over Mannheim, Germany today. Here are some pictures. Most of them are taken in changing rooms (2 H&M, Tally Weill, promod, hunkemöller), but I put post-its on traffic lights, parking cars, the cabins and mirrors of two ladies rooms, an elevator at the library of the university, some women's magazines at a store, a few keyboards at the computers in the library and I put one in a tram (first picture). When I came back to the one ladie's room there were some post its missing, so I hope people took them with them and checked the web address out!"

Mannaheim, Germany

Here are more

Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4 | Photo 5 | Photo 6 | Photo 7 | Photo 8 | Photo 9



Missouri, USA

the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, MA

Somewhere in Tbilisi, Georgia.

On a blog!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
"There you have the ones that I made. I'll try to take pics of wherever I paste them. Some of them say 'THINK ORANGE' on the back so that when they are thrown away another msg is sent."

One of several in restrooms at Luther College, Decorah, IA

This was mentioned in a blog called Tears to Words here and here!
Thanks Arielle!

Disabled toilet, and Kmart change room in Bay Village, NSW Australia

A blog post about posting these post-its!
- by Claire of InsideBeauty.org

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quinpool Rd.
(outside Eating Disorders Action Group & inside their office on bookshelf.)

OSU - The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, United States.
"I posted across the OSU campus, in public bathrooms, on a trashcan, on a bulletin board full of announcements, and even just sitting on a pole."

A Post on Mamavision's blog
(The Orange Revolution is mentioned there...)

Fitting Rooms, Victoria Secret, Florida Mall, Orlando

Singapore, McDonald's (Located beside Odean Towers, North Bridge Road)

University of Maryland campus bathrooms and stairwells

This one is in the women's bathroom in the library at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio
"... there are 20 others posted all around the campus women's rooms ... for a start!"

A high school bathroom in Cinncinnati, OH

Project Unplastic has a blog entry on this project. (Webmaster for realfemalesunite.com)

A restraunt called Jack Sprats in Los Angeles, California (West LA)

A coffeehouse in California

Ladies room, Bay Village shopping center in Bateau Bay, NSW Aus
(Note: the scale had an orange on it!)

Kroger Stores throughout Spring Grove Village, Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati Bathrooms (over the whole campus)

Starbucks, Lexington, Kentucky

Sacramento, California, USA

"I took... the err... liberty of making a button for use on websites or blogs (and I want to make sure it's okay with Muse before anyone uses it) but it's here... and if it's okay then we can use it for this..."
(Ohio. These were posted all over the place there!!!)


Sacramento, California, mental health counseling office
(inside magazine in waiting area)

Ladies room of Erina Fair in NSW Australia

Sacramento, California, USA
In a college bathroom in Sacramento, California, USA

On a blog.
Posted in Livingston, Montana, USA.

On a palm tree in South Beach, Miami, USA

A Wal-Mart bathroom in Michigan, USA

La Guardia Airport, NYC, USA

Sacramento, California, USA

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Some reported post-its without pictures:

"I saw today that a post-it that I put up at work in the women's changing room (we wear scrubs that they provide) is STILL UP. I commented on it and another nurse said "yeah, I think Laura put that up." hee hee, I just smiled. Laura didn't put it up, I did.... *sneaks off do do more* oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that it is on the orange sticky notes that I kyped from work. Smile hmm, we need a 'self satisfied' emoticon. I wonder what that would look like. random thought." - midwest USA

"I posted a note today in the bathroom of the Copperhead Grille in Allentown, PA. I took a photo with my phone because it was all I had with me...I'll try to upload it here when I get the chance. The post-it said: "You are beautiful. Just as you are. webiteback.com" Hope many lovely eyes saw it!" - PA, USA

"Hee, hee, I did a fun one today. A local radio station was talking about body image, eating disorders, pro ed sites. They had 2 professionals on, one an ED MD and the other an awesome RD who I have worked with as a patient in the past. I called them, made sure I got on the air and PLUGGED this site. Smile They said that they hadn't heard of it and "would have to check it out." Then of course gave out the standard. "parents and professionals need to check out every site their children are visiting." I wanted to call them back and insist that it was ok, but I wisely refrained from doing that. So anyway, WBB got about 5 seconds of air time in the twin cities." - midwest USA

"This week, I put notes in/on some books in a local bookstore - in the front of Marya Hornbaker's new book, on the covers of a few diet books in the health section, and on the wooden magazine display racks. Later, I posted them in random spots all around the mall. I particularly plastered the scale display at Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as any random mirrors that I passed. I tried to put them into a lot of appearance-centered places, although I didn't have time to go all over the place.

The most common messages I leave-
On mirrors:
-You are BEAUTIFUL (exactly as you are)!
-Start a revolution: Stop hating your body! (And start loving yourself today)
-MY, but you are gorgeous Smile
-Smile! You're beautiful. Smile
-Hey pretty...you're pretty. Wink Smile
On magazine racks, diet books, scale displays, etc:
-'Thin' does NOT equal 'happy'! Start a revolution: Stop hating your body!
-You are so much more than a number!
In eating-disorder-related spaces (books...), some mix of the following, plus the WBB url:
-Recovery IS possible. You're worth so much more than your disorder
-You deserve more than this disorder! / You deserve LIFE, not this disorder! / You DESERVE recovery
Anywhere/random spaces/sometimes mirrors:
-Smile! (Why not?) Smile
-Life is beautiful.
-You matter.
In bathrooms, any of the above PLUS:
-Someone wrote a note for you to read while you're on the toilet. Ridiculous, right? So smile! Laughing

(Just thought I'd throw out some random variations...)" - USA

"I must admit I kyped some orange post-it's from work the other day ( ok, so they have a drug name on them, but there's plenty of room to write) and today I put some in and around the self-help section of a local bookstore. I even stuck one on the shelf right in front of Marya Hornbacker's new book. I just had to...." - Upper-midwest USA

"Hehe, this is addictive. I had to drive a pretty long way today and as I was in line for a toll, I decided to give the tollperson a sticky note with my money. I wrote 'life is beautiful - have a nice day' on the first one, and at the second toll I wrote, 'smile! life is beautiful.' Then I wrote 'SMILE! (Why not?)' on another one and put it on my window when the traffic was slow. I wasn't sure whether anyone would see it, but a guy in the backseat of a car gave me a giant grin and a wave. Smile Maybe he and his friends just thought it was hokey and lame and were laughing at me, but if my hokey lameness made them smile, then so be it! Whatever it takes, man. The whole thing really cheered me up for the rest of the drive home." - USA

"I had a friend of mine recently ask me, "With your permission I'd like to start doing the post-it thing as well." (She doesn't have an ED.) And I said, "With my permission?! Of course! Spreading self-love and positive body image is for EVERYONE." It was almost funny. Like she had to ask me if she could do it. (She is not familiar with WBB, just the fact that I do the post-it thing and am recovered, etc.) Love the post-its. I love how they spread." - PA, USA

"Put a bunch of post-its in the bathroom at Grand Central Station in NYC today. I hope people could read my handwriting - I did most of them in front of people so I was really nervous! (It's impossible to wait for that bathroom to be empty and I wanted to put them on all of the main mirrors.) I was trying not to look at people that much while I did it so I'm not sure about people's reactions, but people definitely watched me. Most people seemed apathetic from what I could tell, but I did see two women pointing at the sticky notes and smiling. That made me happy! It was really exhilarating to be so exposed while doing it, even though I was nervous. I put some random ones around the station as well, but I don't know whether or not anyone will even see them. Not all of those were body related (some said 'life is beautiful' or 'love yourself, you deserve it' or 'you matter'), but a few went onto diet-related books and magazine displays in the stores (ie, 'thin does not equal happy, you're beautiful just as you are')." -New York, USA

"i was in a plus size womans store today, with my aunt. she was in the dressing room and i was sitting anxiousley out side the door, waiting to tell her how beauitful she looked. i looked in the empty stall infront of me, and i quickly pulled out a sticky note, and a pen and wrote "you are amazingly beautiful! don't ever forget it". this was fun enough on its own. but then it got BETTER i see this woman walkign down the hall and go into the stall. i herd her gigle, and she came out gleaming! i guess the whole point of this is, i REALLY want to do my best to make socity less body-focused, and more-self loving focused. i want badly for everyone to feel the same way that woman did. so i decided to post this. a group for ANYONE who wants to start a revolution, by putting our heads together, and thinking of little ways we can change this crazy world." - Somewhere in Halifax, Canada

"I just wanted to say that all bookstores near me that carry "wasted" now have a "we bite back business card" in it that I made. In it has the url and the message that you are beautiful. I chose that book because it was so triggering for me while I was activally anorexic. It didn't have a very hopeful ending either...." - Somewhere in Florida, USA

"You are not your job, you are not the clothes you wear, you are the words that leave your mouth so speak up, speak up LOUD. - www.webiteback.com" - reportedly posted in London Euston station.

"HELLO FROM SINGAPORE! I found this site and as someone who just started recovery, I thought this idea was wonderful - I only have one picture which I stuck in a McDonald's (Located beside Odean Towers, North Bridge Road if I remember correctly) but I've stuck one on a traffic signal post, some metal box thing and on a wall of a construction site. I'd place post-its in my school but I've terribly afraid of expulsion for vandalism! Will continue to place more post its!" - Somewhere in Singapore

"I took... the err... liberty of making a button for use on websites or blogs (and I want to make sure it's okay with Muse before anyone uses it) but it's here... and if it's okay then we can use it for this..."
- Willow contributed the card design to the left. Feel free to use!

"Okay, I made awesome "buisness cards." There are ones up at this awesome coffee shop in Los Angeles... I put one in the bathroom and they also let me post one on their board... Also, my therapist put some of them next to her buisness cards..." - Los Angeles

"I also decided to print off posters to hang next to the Women's Center at my University... as well as any where else I can find. Just letter size sheets with a "love yourself" phrase on them and the WBB address at the bottom. I'm also going to post-it again next week right before classes start because I bet a bunch go before then. I am also going to go to a lot of different places and put up the 'posters' on those free "ad" boards... I know they might get taken down... but maybe someone will see them before they do!" - Ohio

"...post-it in a bathroom at a Mexican restaurant. However, the light in the room wouldn't allow me to take a picture. Can I get put on the map anyways? Haha.." - Somewhere in Mexico...

" 'Start a trend - Love your body - webiteback.com'. I stuck them in a public disabled toilet and on a set of scales that they have sitting outside the womens toilets... Its hard to stick post-its when your pushing a trolley full of shopping lol. Next time i'll take a pic - promise!!" - From NSW Australia... and she submitted a photo the next week.

"There are a few in San Diego and Big Sur, CA... from recent trips. Smile Oh and I PLASTERED Beverly Hills!" - California, USA

"... and in Culver City, Ca, Northridge, Ca..."

"I was at a Don Pablos in Whitehall, PA today for lunch. I carry around a package of post-its in my handbag so that if I am somewhere I'd like to leave a body positive post-it, I am ready. Well, today I left a post-it in one of the bathroom stalls in the Ladies' Room. It read: "Beauty is not a state of body. It's a state of mind. Love your body." And of course, I added the webiteback.com url. There was a party of 60--yes, 60--teenagers in the restaurant, and a ton of teenage girls were clamoring into the Ladies' Room. I am sure they saw the post-it and I feel good. :) I was on lunch break from work, so I didn't have my camera with me and thus could not take a photo of my post-it. But I thought I'd share the story just the same."

Blogs that mention us:

Project Unplastic has a blog entry on this project. (Webmaster for realfemalesunite.com)
The other blogger who has mentioned this so far is the webmaster for firstourselves.com.

Stop hating your body! I think that this has been brought up before, perhaps in a photo thread a few months back?

Anyway, today whilst in London I nipped to the loos and saw somebody had scrawled in black marker pen on the side of the cubicle 'start a revolution today... stop hating your body!'

It really made me smile.

And it made me think. Such a small act of 'niceness' for want of a better word, brought such a big smile to my face.

What can we do as a group of people to help other people feel better about themselves? To put a smile, be it momentary, on the faces of others?

I've thought about putting positive messages out there after . I don't want to vandalise though. I've thought of writing out little messages on orange post-it notes and popping them in toilet cubicles wherever I go.

Or leaving little pieces of paper with messages on them in library books that I borrow from uni.

Or telling random people in the street that they look pretty if that's what I think. Speaking my mind in a positive way. I often see somebody wearing a dress I love and that I think they look stunning in, but hold back from telling them so for fear of freaking them out or sounding bizarre.

But if somebody told me that I looked pretty, I would smile all day.

Somebody once did, whilst I was out clubbing. A girl just came up to me in the middle of the dance floor and told me I looked beautiful. It was such a small act of kindness but it meant the world to me and I had a fantastic night.

What do you lot think? Perhaps we could colour code these messages and put them on orange post-its or write them in orange marker pens and write the website on the bottom or back of them.

Perhaps... I don't know. I want to do something small that makes a big difference.


- Alice Star

I've been building a page out of these submissions with a google maps API... but it's a work in progress. Take a look. - musewebiteback.com

Feel free to email us photos of post-its (Let's not vandalize the world! Use post-its.) you've posted with body-positive messages and the webiteback.com URL written on the front or back, and we'll post pictures here. Say something body positive. We need to remind each other of what's real and important in life... something that encourages everyone to be strong and alive... to those who most need to hear it but least likely to say anything. Want to share a story about trying this out for yourself? Happen to see one of these strange post-its? Email us to let us know!

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