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Hosting costs for this website are paid for out of pocket by it's creator, Sharon Hodgson, and by members of the site who periodically send small donations when the hosting bill comes up. Otherwise, this site has no external funding. No membership fees are ever charged, because ability to pay should not be a barrier to learning how to live well; happy and recovered.

We are setting up a paypal donation button here for those who believe in what this site offers and have the inclination/ability to spend a buck or two to keep it running. Thank you in advance.

If you can afford to donate on a continuing basis to keep this site online, I have set up a subscription service. [**We can offer a reciprocal link to your personal or business website in exchange for sponsorship if applicable, provided we do not find the content of the site inappropriate.]

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It's time for ethics above aesthetics. It's time to bite back!

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